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Rotary lobe pump


Rotary lobe pump with many strengths

Where other positive displacement pumps reach their limits, our newly developed positive displacement pump, designed for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical markets, shows its strengths.


Dosing of low to high viscosity media and portioning of high viscosity media.

• Toothpaste
• Cremes
• Butter
• Chocolate
• Pasta
• and much more

hand am zahnpasta drücken

Technical data

Our rotary lobe pump was specially developed for use in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical markets. Our focus is on the safe, efficient and variable use of our products. Thanks to the special design, high rotational speeds and the associated flow rates can be achieved, making the pump self-tipping and offering a high degree of customization.


Up to 30 bar differential pressure

Up to 200 cycles / min (rework function possible)

SIP / CIP capable

Temperatures up to 140°C

EHEDG approved

Lightweight design for weight optimization (40% compared to similar competitor products)

Temperature-stable conveying due to optimized heat dissipation

Versatile connections and installations

Transparent front glass available on request for visual inspection of critical media in the conveying process

Optionally also for abrasive media (hardened version), even with transparent front glass

Different chamber volumes from 0.045l - 0.75l

Characteristic curves must be requested for specific applications.

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